Saturday, October 17, 2009

Marc by Marc Jacobs Resortwear 2010

Marc never dissapoints<3

Amber Rose's First Runway Show

Last month Amber Rose graced the runway for a Celestino fashion show. Though not as tall or skinny as the average model, she's undeniably fierce. Designer Sergio Guadarrama is quoted saying: "We requested her specifically. I mean, we had the choice of big models, but we wanted Amber Rose. I mean, she’s Amber Rose, so she was going to close our show no matter what." And regarding his typical choice of casting super skinny models in his shows he says of Amber: "I honestly think she’s going to be a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry." A good way to start your modeling career:)

Thakoon Resortwear 2010

A Kid Named Cudi

"My swag was a little different, but they're the one who's lame"


So let's clarify: Buying a few outfits straight off the mannequins at Forever 21 does NOT make you a "fashionista". It's not original in any way and you're not going to make your mark by doing that. Please be original. Like us:)